It is the fastest service available in the market, which brings you the following advantages:

one fare for whatever destination in Brazil;
• FREE* pickups and deliveries, 365 days/year;
​• commitment to deliver within the deadline**.


Pickup at Cargo Terminal

The cargo is available within 2 hours after aircraft landing, if there is no impediment or   delay in Customs clearance;

this time frame is not the responsibility of the company.


Home delivery

The cargo will be delivered in up to 4 hours after being cleared, in a radius of up to 20 km from the Cargo Terminal.

Beyond this distance, delivery time will be extended to within business hours (8 a.m. -  6 p.m.)

*Subject to local customs clearance.

**In cities where delivery is made by the company partners, delivery times could take longer. Contact our customer service unit for more information. Delivery times could also increase due to Customs clearance procedures of each city and nature of/demand for cargo. This time frame is not the responsibility of the company.