What we carry

Samples for Analysis

No shipping restrictions apply to dry samples, which are accepted as Common Cargo.

Example: Samples of Parts, Earth, Plastic, Packaging, Fabric, etc.


Organs for transplant

Airline companies undertake to air transport organs within Brazil, as per the cooperation agreement signed with the Ministry of Health.

The organ for transplant must be in an appropriate container, in good condition for transport and preferably be identified on the container (“The organ”).

This type of transport is only performed by the Passenger Terminal


Due to the worldwide situation with the COVID-19 outbreak, causing the reduction of our flights, please contact our call center to request this service. For more information, call 0300 115 9999



Laboratory materials 

Some types of cargo conceal the presence of dangerous products due to their nomenclature and/or shape. The risk may not be obvious while shipping samples for tests or diagnoses at analytical laboratories, clinics and hospitals, whether for human beings or animals.

Biological materials are potentially hazardous and should be packaged to prevent leaks and withstand the conditions typical of air transport - impact, changes in temperature, pressure and other conditions.

Each type of material has a specific type of packaging and all types packaging stipulated in the rules require triple packaging.

Following are the approval requirements for transporting biological materials:

  • Submit in advance, a Declaration that the product meets the description and restrictions on products related to UN3373, type B biological products;
  • This declaration must specify the signatory duly identified as a person who has the qualifications required by the regulations in force: the person must be legally qualified and/or prove that he/she has been trained and certified according to the regulations of IATA and/or one of the approving authorities.
  • This document must be submitted at least in duplicate and preferably on a letterhead that identifies the shipper, manufacturer and/or distributor.



Alcholic beverages



We are updating content.

Note: Transport of alcoholic beverages considered Dangerous Goods must comply with the relevant documentation and packaging rules. For more information, contact our Call Center at 0300 115 9999.






Perishable cargo is that which, by nature, is subject to deterioration, decomposition, death or loss of validity.


Example: Newspapers and magazines, sweets, medicines, vaccines* and serum; Animal semen, products of animal and plant origin, fish, crustaceans, seafood in general, frozen, canned or fresh items, flowers* and live plants, fruits and others.


We can transport perishables, provided their validity is within the time frame stipulated for the service and are in packaging that is appropriate for air transport.


* Vaccines and flowers can be transported only through the  Next Flight services


Perishable samples to be transported must be within the expiration date. All this information must be provided by the manufacturer of the product and the customer must be aware of it.

The validity period of the product must be compatible with the service to be used.



The transport of perishables and frozen or refrigerated perishables requires special care to avoid leakages within the holds of aircrafts. The most advisable packaging is made of Styrofoam or any other leak-proof material.



The required documents are:

  • For products of plant origin, Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the Vegetable Products Division of MAPA.
  • For products of animal origin, Certificate of Origin endorsed by the Animal Products Division of MAPA.




Live animals    

LATAM Cargo value the physical integrity, health and safety of animals while transporting them in their flights.

To transport Live Animals, customers should request reservation, 24 hours before the flight, at the Call Center (0300 115 9999), informing the shipment details (weight of animal, total weight of animal + packaging and dimensions of the package) to get the transport quote.


Wild and/or Exotic Animals:

To transport wild or exotic animals, clients should complete the "Termo para embarque de animais silvestres/exóticos" form.

In compliance with ethical and sustainable principles, the company informs that it does not transport wild and/or exotic animals, primates or any other animals, whose purpose of transport is: laboratory research, scientific studies or commercial exploitation.


Dogs and cats:

Dogs and cats more than 60 days old will be accepted for transport, provided they are duly documented and in packaging that is appropriate for the size and weight of the animal.

Brachycephalic dogs and cats:

Short snout, compact skull and a compressed upper respiratory system are some of the characteristics of brachycephalic dogs and cats. The company accepts animals with such characteristics for transport (provided the Declaration of Responsibility for transport of brachycephalic animals has been completed and signed). However, these animals require special care because of breathing difficulties caused by their anatomical and physiological characteristics.

We did not carry brachycephalic from 10am to 6pm. To know more about transporting brachycephalic animals, contact our Call Center at 0300 115 9999.

Check the packing tips section for further information.


  • Dogs and Cats: Sanitation certificate (health or vaccine) valid for up to 10 days, issued by a qualified veterinarian, duly registered with the competent authority, certifying that the animal is in adequate health conditions for air transport.

Other requirements

  • Guia de Transito Animal (GTA) issued by Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supplies (MAPA) and its authorized booths or by veterinary centers authorized to issue the document.
  • Invoice, in case of animals whose sale is controlled and requires authorization from IBAMA, the Brazilian environmental protection agency.
  • Authorization from IBAMA for wild animals controlled by it.


  • The company reserves the right to refuse any animal that is aggressive and/or violent, and this applies also to brachycephalic dogs and cats with any abnormality at the time of acceptance.

Make the pre reservation through the form



For more information, contact our Call Center at 0300 115 9999.







They may only be transported when all the laws, regulations and packaging requirements of the government and carriers involved have been fully complied with. 



Due to the impacts caused by COVID-19, we are reducing our routes, flight schedules and teams.

To request a reservation: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q0HX3U-tpfIVEPqOl9uHhu11NCSNgXM2wXdsyFazhKs/edit?usp=sharing




Valuable goods


The company coordinates and implements the necessary measures to guarantee the highest security standards for each shipment.

Valuable goods include:

c) cash, travel checks, bonus, shares, coupons and labels or credit cards ready for use;

d) diamonds, including those for industrial use, sapphires, opals and real pearls, including cultivated pearls;

e) jewelry containing diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, real pearls, including cultivated ones;

f) jewelry and watches made of silver and/or gold and/or platinum;

g) semiprecious stones such as agate, aquamarine, amethyst, beryl, garnet, blue, jade, jasper, onyx, opal, quartz, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise etc



This  material can be transported only by  cargo  airplanes and in some specific cities.


If you need more informacion call 0300 115 9999