PHARMA - Your cargo always under control
The ideal solution for the transportation of pharmaceuticals and related health care products that require temperature control in accordance to the highest international standards

We are not just experts, we are certified: LATAM Cargo CEIV Pharma certified since March 2017

We are the first airline in the American Continent awarded by the International Aviation Transportation Agency (IATA) with the Center of Excellence of Independent Validators (CEIV) PHARMA certification as an Airline, as well as certified as a PHARMA products handler in our Miami Hub. These certifications guarantee that we comply with the best international standards regarding pharmaceutical transportation following the recommendations of operations manuals from active container providers, the GDP for pharmaceutical products, the IATA PCR/ Chapter 17 and the Annex 5 of the World Health Organization (WHO).


We divide our PHARMA offerings in two different products PHARMA PASSIVE and PHARMA ACTIVE:



Pharma passive - A unique service, as unique as your shipments

This specialized product provides a strict protocol in the “passive” management of pharmaceutical cargo. We ensure first class treatment minimizing the time cargo spends outside the temperature-control supply chain.

Available storage temperatures* include: 2C-8C, 15C-25C, and 2C-25C.
Procedures in accordance with IATA Chapter 17 and GDP guidelines.
Segregation from perishable cargo at origin and destination stations.
Use of thermal blankets to minimize temperature fluctuations.
Temperature monitoring through the use of thermographs.

*Wherever possible, depending on the aircraft type

Complement your shipment with the following additional services for Pharma Passive:

  • Thermo-Pallet Trailer: Service for refrigerated trucking from storage warehouse to aircraft. Currently available at our FRA station, and is subject to additional fees/conditions.

Pharma Passive coverage:

ALL: Three temperature ranges are available (2-8°C, 15-25°C & 2-25°C).
* The first portion of the transportation will be performed via refrigerated RFS.


Booking and tendering requirements:

Our clients must book shipment under one of the following accepted passive products:

(1) “EXP PHARMA 2ºC - 8ºC”;
(2) “EXP PHARMA 15ºC – 25ºC”; or
(3) “EXP PHARMA 2ºC – 25ºC”.


• The air waybill must be completed according to the IATA PCR/Chapter 17 guidelines.

• The Freight Forwarder must specify the booked temperature range in the “Handling Information” field of the air waybill.

• All packages must be labeled with the IATA “Time and Temperature Sensitive” label and all information must match the information declared on the air waybill.

• The Freight Forwarder must provide an emergency contact number on the air waybill.


We move the following passive containers:

Provider Container type (*)
SkyCell 770C / 1500C / 2500C / -
770CRT 1500CRT 2500CRT  
Va-Q-Tec va-Q-tainer va-Q-tainer va-Q-tainer va-Q-tainer
USx Eurox XLx TWINx



Pharma active - aiming for safety and effectiveness

This specialized product is the perfect solution to maintain pharmaceutical cargo in a temperature controlled chain throughout the entire transportation process. We ensure first class treatment with an adequate handling of active containers.

The main traits of this product are:

Available temperature range: between -20 and +25⁰C, depending on the selected container.
Examination of containers’ physical conditions at various points of the transportation.
Special procedures to ensure optimal functionality of containers (dry ice and replacement batteries included).
Container lease and return options.

We offer transportation of Envirotainer, CSafe, and Dokasch containers, pursuant to the following table


  Container type
Provider Electric-Based Dry Ice- Based
Envirotainer (EV) RAP e2 RAP t2
RKN e1 RKN t2
CSafe (CS)

Csafe RAP


Dokasch (DO) Opticooler RAP
Opticooler RKN

We offer two additional services for PHARMA Active:

  • Premium Container Leasing Options: We manage the lease of active containers directly with the provider, offering the Freight Forwarder/ Shipper a simple way of booking and transporting cargo that requires active packaging (available for Dockasch, Envirotainer and CSafe). This service is subject to additional fees and conditions.
  • Container Re-Delivery:In the event that there is no container recovery station at your destination, we offer to ship the active container to its respective collection location. This Service is subject to additional fees and conditions.


Pharma Passive coverage:

* The first portion of the transportation will be performed via RFS.


We handle your tracking devices

Freight Forwarders may use their own tracking devices to monitor temperature, humidity, vibrations, and other related factors during the entire transportation chain. The following devices are approved for transportation in LATAM Cargo and all of its passenger and cargo affiliates aircrafts: 

  1. Fedex SenseAware 2000
  2. Berlinger Q-tag CLm doc
  3. Moog Crossbow ILC2000
  4. OnAsset Sentry 400 FlightSafe *
  5. OnAsset Sentry 500 FlightSafe *
  6. Sendum PT300D
  7. CartaSense U-sensor
  8. KN BlueSensor U-Sensor model 100115
  9. Smart Point SP3000T
  10. Smart Point SP3000T/H5
  11. iTAG Monitoring system *
  12. Sense Aware 3000
  13. Controlant, CO 10.01 Real-Time Logger 
  14. Roambee Sensor Bee
  15. Roambee Beacon
  16. Roambee Sensor Beacon
  17. InTemp CX500 Series Temperature Logger
  18. ZillionSource Technolog, ZS-300
  19. SkyCell Savy Sensor
  20. PDF/A Standard Single Use Temp. Logger, model D25
  21. Kirsen A-Type

* This RFIDS are not allow to be transported in aircrafts 747-400


Full-Pallet reception

The Airline offers full pallets reception. This service is only available for certain origin stations and is subject to storage space. Additionally, client must be pre-approved and certified through an audit for security reasons. If the client is interested in this option, please contact our product and operational team to coordinate accordingly.


Can be combined with the following type of services




Please contact your sales representative for more information regarding PHARMA.