Money-Back: Terms and Conditions

In case of non-compliance with the sales promise of the Express service option, the Airline will refund 100% of the air freight cost up to $5,000.



  • • Shipments booked under Express service combined with the following care options: Basic, Courier, Hazmat, Perishable, and Protect.
  • • Refunds will be provided exclusively to the party that completed the payment, either at origin or destination station.
  • • Refund policy does not apply in case of claims due to loss of or damage to cargo. Claims for lost or damaged cargo must be filed through the formal claim procedure.
  • • For interline shipments, the original agreement will prevail.


The following conditions must be fulfilled by the customer in order for the refund policy to apply:

  • • Perform booking of the shipment as indicated by the local office and following all local regulations.
  • • Prepare the shipment properly (packing, marking, and labeling) and submit all the required documentation.
  • • Deliver the shipment within the station Cut Off time.


The Airline reserves the right not to apply the refund policy in case of non-compliance due to one or more of the following causes:

  • • Natural disasters, adverse weather conditions (flood, lighthing, etc.), fire, war, or terrorist acts.
  • • Delays or cancellations due to mechanical failures.
  • • Labor strikes, riots, revolutions, quarantines, or any act issued by the government.
  • • Lack of manpower or issues with fuel suppliers.
  • • Improper or incomplete documentation, packing, marking, and labeling.
  • • Cargo weight and dimensiones exceeding the maximum allowed by type of aircraft.
  • • Cancellations by the customer.
  • • Any act beyond the Airline’s control.


Refund process:

  • • Customer must submit the claim within 30 calendar days of the flight departure date to the following e-mail address:
  • • Claims received after 30 calendar days from the flight departure date will not be accepted.
  • • Customer shall provide AWB number, contact name, e-mail, phone number, company name and position within the company.
  • • Incomplete information may invalidate the claim. 
  • • The Airline will analyze the incident and contact the customer giving an answer within 25 business days of receiving the claim.
  • • The Airline may change, alter, and amend the terms and conditions of this document at any time with its sole discretion and without prior notice.
  • • The Airline reserves the right of revoking this offer at any time with its sole discretion and without prior notice.
  • • The customer declares to know and accept the terms and conditions of this document.