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Answers about domestic shipments in Brazil

You can track your goods through our website  or by contacting our Call Center.

The air waybill number is created as follows: 957 (TAM airline code) 00xx (form number), xxxxxx-x (six number sequence) followed by a check digit.

The shipping invoice of a package is required for shipment of any goods related to a legal entity that pays ICMS taxes.  If the sender is an Individual or Exempt Legal Entity, they must go to a local SEFAZ post to issue a separate invoice for transport.

The models used for shipment of goods are:

1 (industry)

1 A


55-  Nf-e

Consumer invoices or Series D invoices are not acceptable for transportation

Individuals or Corporations exempt from State Registration, as long as the State of origin does not issue separate invoices.

Fill out the form with all information and hand it to the messenger at pickup. If you take the goods to the terminal, you may deliver the declaration at the counter or, if you prefer, you will find the declaration available at the terminal for you to fill out. 

A “minuta de despacho” is a form in duplicate that should be filled out by the sender, upon shipping, containing the following information: sender, recipient, information on the goods and form of payment.

This form should be filled out for all shipments.

Shipping costs for sending cargo can be paid at origin, destination or through a previously authorized commercial agreement.  For payment at destination and possible restrictions on the type of goods, value of invoice and city of destination, please contact us in advance so that we may provide any necessary guidelines.

 To request pickup, please provide the following information:

  • Individual/Corporate Taxpayer ID (CPF/CNPJ) and address of both sender and recipient;
  • Cargo information (weight, dimensions in centimeters and value of invoice)
After the collection the customer will receive a copy of the dispatch Draft

The value of the given freight will be approximate as will be confirmed upon arriving at the cargo terminal where it will be weighed and measured, and in case of divergence we will contact you to clarify the discrepancy.

If payment has been made for less than the actual calculated, the shipment will not be done.

The collection service can be requested through our website and our call center 0300 115 9999. Service available only in Brazil.