SECURE - Keep your cargo safe and sound
Prompt airport to airport transportation of valuable cargo with maximum-security measures.


Thorough coordination with customer’s security logistics provider
Secure transport to and from the aircraft
Minimal reception and delivery times
Security checks throughout the chain of custody
Specialized staff


LATAM Cargo requires the following cargo be transported as SECURE:

  • • Money and Other Mediums of Exchange: Physical currency (i.e. Dollar bills), traveler’s checks, stocks and bonds, titles, and stamps
  • • Valuable Metals: Platinum, Gold, and Dore Bullions
  • • Precious Stones: Diamonds, Sapphires, Opals, and Authentic Pearls
  • • Artworks and Cargo with Historical Value

Additionally, this care option is also available for any cargo requested to be transported under the highest Security standards.


Offered on all LATAM Cargo’s direct flights*


Can be combined with the following type of services




* Please contact your sales representative for more information regarding our destination restrictions and any other questions regarding SECURE