Agile and reliable private mail and parcels transportation between airports in our network.


High-quality standards
Reduced reception and delivery times
Experienced staff in the handling of bags and fragile goods


We offer 2 options for Courier delivery needs:

Courier   Courier XL*


Cargo is shipped as Courier if it fulfills the following requirements:

- The sum of its length, width, and height is equivalent to or less than 254 cm (100 in)

- Has a maximum length of 239 cm (94in), width of 147 cm (58 in) and height of 157 cm (62 in)


In MIA, specifically, cargo is considered Courier if:

- Its dimensions do not exceed the capacity of an empty 60x48 in. courier bag (2D) or a maximum volume of 14.83 ft3  (70 kgs CHW equivalent). 



All cargo that does not meet the aforementioned requirements must be booked as Courier XL in the airports where this option is available.


*Available only in the following origins:  MIA, JFK and SCL.


Offered on all LATAM Cargo’s passenger and freighter flights


Can be combined with the following type of services





​Please contact your sales representative for more information regarding COURIER.