ALIVE - We care just like you
Proficient and highly-reliable transportation of live animals by planning meticulously and handling your animals with our specially-trained staff while providing timely information.

Live animal services are available throughout our network and closely aligned with the needs of the animal species* you desire to transport:

​Equines & Livestock*

Baby Poultry & Hatching Eggs

Live Fish


* The transportation of any animal species not mentioned above will be coordinated ad-hoc.


Documental and physical procedures in accordance with IATA’s Live Animal Regulation (LAR) manual.
Most delicate level of handling for live animals by specially trained personnel.
Proactive coordination to facilitate companion’s tasks (Available for Equine & Livestock* shipments).
Controlled temperature and adequate oxygenation storage areas.
Maximum boarding priority.
Reduced Cut-Off Times (COT) and Delivery Times (DT).
Immediate notification and management in the event of an incident.

*Livestock services are available for cows, goats, pigs, hogs, sheep, deer, llamas, alpacas, and vicunas.



We are members of IPATA (International Pet & Animal Transportation Association), which is an independent organization dedicated to the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals. 



Additional Services for Equines & Livestock:

Complement your equine or livestock shipment by procuring the additional services of your preference:

Companion Positioning: Confirmed ticket for companion(s) in our passenger flights.

Stall Positioning: Relocation of your stalls throughout our network.

Stall Leasing: Rental and complete coordination of stalls by our specialized personnel.

Note: Additional services are subject to extra fees and conditions.


Special Requirements for Pets travelling to the USA: 

The pet (whether dog and/or cat), must have a Certificate of Anti-rabies Vaccine with a validity of no more than 90 days or less than 30 days to the ETD.

Important: This certificate should not be confused with the Sanitary Certificate, that indicates that the animal is in optimal conditions for transport.


Can be combined with the following type of services




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