Cargo Rewards
Our rewards program where the tons you ship with LATAM Cargo’s airway bills and its affiliates are transformed into exciting travel rewards. The more cargo you ship with us, the more rewards you earn!


Each month, your cargo rewards are credited into a LATAM Pass account as miles. You will be able to redeem your miles for tickets in LATAM and associated airlines through the web or any of LATAM Group’s Contact Centers.



To be part of Cargo Rewards you must be a customer in the international market* shipping at least 500 tons of cargo with LATAM Cargo’s AWBs during a calendar year (January 1 to December 31). If you meet these requirements, we will automatically contact you so you can start enjoying the program’s benefits.

* Excludes domestic shipping in BR, CL, PE, CO and EC.


For further information on our Cargo Rewards program or on how to enroll your company, check the terms and conditions here, contact your sales representative or write to us at



Your company earns 250 miles in its LATAM Pass corporate account for each ton transported with LATAM Cargo for any commodity. If you ship salmon, asparagus or flowers, each ton earns 125 miles (see section 3.3 of our terms and conditions for more details).

The miles earned for the tons transported are credited to your LATAM Pass account during the first half of the following month (for example, the miles earned for the tons carried in February are credited in March).

If you already are a member of Cargo Rewards, you can redeem your benefits through the LATAM Pass platform. 


How to redeem your miles?

This easy tutorial will teach you how to redeem your miles for a trip to your favorite destination.



Important notes about Cargo Rewards

Cargo Rewards accounts registered in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay or Europe must log in to LATAM Pass via the Otros Países/Other Countries link in order to redeem Miles for air tickets and enjoy all the benefits of LATAM Pass. Remember that all sales and taxes must be paid in US dollars.



Contact the LATAM Cargo team at for questions regarding:

  • Eligibility requirements

  • Number of the LATAM Pass account assigned to your company 

  • Contact update

  • Discrepancies in the miles credited to the corporate account

  • Offices that earn awards

  • A discrepancy in the miles earned. Contact us up to three months after the cargo was transported.



Check directly with LATAM Pass for questions related to:

  • Redeeming miles. You can also check with our Contact Center (please dial the numbers in Chile or Colombia)

  • Changing web and Contact Center passwords

  • Check available balance


You may also check the most frequently asked questions by clicking here.