Cargo Rewards
Our rewards program where the tons you ship with LATAM Cargo’s airway bills and its affiliates turn into rewards for you to fly. The more cargo you ship with us, the more rewards you will receive.



Your rewards will be deposited as Miles/Points** in a LATAM Pass account on a monthly basis. You will be able to redeem your rewards for tickets in LATAM and all other airlines that are part of the oneworld alliance. This may be done through the web or the contact centers.


In order to become a member of Cargo Rewards you need to be a freight forwarder that moves a minimum of 500*** tons globally with us in a calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st). If you meet these requirements, we will automatically contact you so you can start enjoying this program's benefits.

* Excludes domestic markets in BR, CL, AR, PE, CO and EC
** If the account is in US, Brasil, Canada, Mexico, Paraguay or Europe, the currency is LATAM Pass Points. For the remaining countries the currency is LATAM Pass Miles.
*** Only tons flown with LATAM Airlines and its affiliates’ AWBs accrue rewards. The company reserves the right to modify this requirement at any time.




With this simple tutorial you will learn how to turn your LATAM Pass Miles/Points into amazing trips to the destinations of your choice.




More information about Cargo Rewards

For information about how to become a member of Cargo Rewards or want more information about the program and its benefits you can review the following document with Frequently Asked Questions about Cargo Rewards and how it is related to LATAM Pass.

You may also contact your account manager or write us at


Questions about LATAM Pass

To answer your questions about your Cargo Rewards account in LATAM Pass you may go to the Help Center. Here you will find everything related to:

  • LATAM Pass account status

  • Redeem your rewards

  • Changes and refunds

You may also contact us via telephone. Find the available contact centers here.


Discrepancies between Rewards accrued and tonnage

Your company accumulates 250 Miles/Points in the corporate LATAM Pass account for each ton transported with LATAM Cargo. Your rewards are accredited in your LATAM Pass account during the first 15 days of the month, corresponding to the previous month’s transported tonnage (for example, in March you will receive Miles/Points for the tonnage transported in February).
If you think we made a mistake in the amount of Miles/Points accredited, you may contact us at up to three months after the cargo was transported.